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ANGKOR, the largest archaeological park in the world

In our times, Angkor is known as the name of an archaeological park, the largest in the world, located in the Kingdom of Cambodia, only a few kilometers north of the town Siem Reap. The main attraction of Angkor consists of the remains of gorgeous medieval religious monuments, including the most famous one, which is known as the name of « Angkor Wat ».

Angkor Wat

But Angkor Wat and the great temples of the archaeological park are only the upper part of a gigantic iceberg which is comprised primarily of a first level around Angkor, the ancient Mohanokor, an urban system extending at least 200 square kilometers and comprising of more than 1,000 vestiges of monuments.

Mohanokor, the "Rice field-City", "Hydraulic Urban System", "Residence of the Gods" was, for six centuries - from 9th to 14th inclusive, a period more or less contemporary with the Western medieval/ middle age - the amazing capital of the Khmer Empire, known in India as Souvanaphoum, which means El dorado.

Angkor, a fascinating civilization