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Angkorian Vimean Akas Cockpit Mandalas

Commercial aviation is without doubt, the most admirable organised system ever produced by the juice of human brain ... Nowadays - the XXI century - and at every moment, there are several thousands of airliners which travel across the world - ie several thousand aluminum pressurized tubes cruising 1000 kilometers / hour fast, 10,000 meters high and carrying hundreds of passengers in perfect safety and almost all unaware of the ongoing miracle that surrounds them.
The cockpit of airliners is a domain worthy of special attention, as the most advanced technological existing reconstruction of a brain, connecting pilots to the physical components of the machine - While having an efficient and protecting thought - automatic systems guaranteeing various optimizations of the flight.
But: let us remind that the Angkorian monuments was - and still are, but these days in other sectors of the universe - the straships (Vimean akas / Phimeanakas)giving to the gods and their avatars the possiblity of travels in the cosmos, and their cockpits were installed in the central tower and had undoubtedly similar ergonomy to cockpit of our airliners, but adapted to the specificities of trans-and inter-galactic trips.


nuklear angkorian mandala

Because of its aesthetic breathtaking, its technological advances, the Airbus 340-600 is properly installed on top of commercial aviation legend ... Yet it was a commercial flop, and one major error -strategical and industrial - committed to date by the French manufacturer.
Because of the high performance of this machine in terms of range, meditation on the mandala allows intergalactic teleportation, and even beyond on some versions.
Note: if we observe carefully the runway shown behind cockpit glass, we see that our airliner is trying to achieve a perfect landing: on his back


nuklear angkorian mandala

The Boeing B52 is a tactical / strategical Octo-reactor Bomber, with high capacity and long-range... It has rendered immense services to the U.S. Air Force - In Indochina, Iraq, Yugoslavia, ... - Throughout a career spanning over 60 years wich is not at all terminated to date.
In Indochina, it was used in hunts spilling "carpet bombing" and scratching from the map huge rectangular territories inhabited by men, women and children.
Meditation on this mandala, contrary to appearances does not produce special effect other than a tribute to the memory of the victims - almost all civilians - of this terrible killing machine - whose number is not precisely established (detail of history), several million shredded - burned - poisoned - in Vietnam, half a million in Cambodia and Laos as being "plausible" orders of magnitude


nuklear angkorian mandala

Serge Illiouchine (1894-1970) se rendit célebre en construisant, pendant la deuxième guerre mondiale, le fameux avion d'attaque au sol: Il2 Chturmovik. Aujourd'hui, le nom d'Illiouchine est associé à l'idée de constructeur d'avions civils tous quadriréacteurs.
L'Il 62 effectua son premier vol en 1963. Il possède des caractèristiques et des performances supérieures à l'avion britannique - le BAC-Vickers VC10 - dont il est (du fait de ses réacteurs groupés par paires de part et d'autre du fuselage arrière) réputé être la copie.
L'IL62 joua un rôle efficace de vitrine de la technologie communiste gâce à ses nombreuses qualités, et par son exploitation intensive sur les destinations internationales lointaines de l'Aéroflot: New York, Tokyo, etc...
Constamment amélioré, notamment au niveau de sa motorisation, il demeure seul long-courrier de sa génération toujours en service de nos jours : en Russie, en Ukraine, à Cuba, en Corée du nord, ...
Du fait de l'absence de commandes de vols électriques et 'automatisme modernes, le pilotage de ce mandala doté de performances particulièrement élevées est à déconseiller au débutant : veuillez lire attentivement la notice fournie par le constructeur.


nuklear angkorian mandala

The "Concordov - Concordsky" is the most famous civil aircraft "developed" by the Soviet manufacturer.
Beyond the evident similarity so-called "swing nose", the Tu 144 differs significantly from its European cousin in terms of dimensions, performance, shape and profile of the wing, layout and engine type, etc ... etc ... Let us mention also the curious little wheels of the main landing gear.
The delta wing of the TU144 had a poor efficiency in low-speed flight, hence the addition of the famous "whiskers" (absent on the first prototype) that allowed some maneuverability to the machine, but insufficient if kamikaze pilot (See what happened at Le Bourget 1973). Because of its reduced haul and its uncertain reliability, this superb machine experienced a short and calamitous commercial career ...
Therefore, this mandala has high performance in terms of speed, but with limited (no intergalactic features) in terms of range capabilities


nuklear angkorian mandala

What could we say about this unconventional aircraft built in 16 pieces (half for "spare") burning unbelievable amount of the French and British taxpayers money?
Must do we rejoice in the partial success made ​​by his long career without major reliability problems, and with passengers jostling to doors despite the staggering price of supersonic travel?
Should we regret that there has been no resources devoted to the development of the aircraft, neither to just provide quieter, cleaner engines, giving to the machine the possibility to travel longer than Paris (or London) New York? ... And thus enlarge significantly the market of this weird bird?
Must we say that without Concorde and technological advances allowed by the program, there would be no Airbus success story?
In this scene, we have emphasized the contrast between the graceful silhouette of the airliners (image corners), and the hardness of his terrible gaze (center of picture) ... The composition also stages two Angkorian airports: REP-Siem Reap (tiled roof) and BKK-Souvannaphoum (metal roofing) which gives to this mandala features for a fast and comfortable teleportation to Angkor.
But please, check there is not yet an existing mandala solution for the return journey .